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PRIX RENOVATION APPARTEMENT au m² : Comment calculer ? Les explications

appartement a renover

A classic request from our customers :

“We just d'buy an apartment in Pariswho needs a complete restoration… You have to demolish  partitions and rearrange the volumes, change the windows, bring the electricity up to standard,redo the tiling, renovate the parquet floor,lay a kitchenand we  are also considering thebathroom renovation, so plumbing. Can you give us an idea or an example of pricefor the renovation of our apartment ? »

cout renovation appartement
prix renovation appartement paris
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entreprise de rénovation
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appartement haussmannien
entreprise de batiment
cout renovation appartement

For to know the montant of your works_cc781905-5cde-3193-bb5d

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aménagement appartement

Prix  for a total renovation of a

Haussmannian apartment de 3 rooms


Paris 75015

Price of a complete rehabilitation of an old 2-room apartment


Paris 75006

Prix  for a total renovation of a

Haussmannien  2-room apartment


Paris 75001

Prix  for a total renovation of a

old  3-room apartment


Paris 75020

Prix  for a total renovation of a

2 room apartment with terrace 


Paris 75015

Prix  for a total renovation of a

old  3-room apartment


Paris 75015

Prix  for a total renovation of a 4-room Haussmann apartment

Paris 75001

Prix  for a total renovation of a

old  4-room apartment

Paris 75016

Prix  for a total renovation of a

3 room apartment

Paris 75012

Prix  for a total renovation and custom fittings of a



Paris 75015

Price of a partial renovation of a

Haussmannien  2-room apartment


Paris 75016

Prix  for a total renovation of a

old apartment  with 2 rooms


Paris 75015

Prix  for a total renovation of a

old apartment  with 2 rooms


Paris 75009

Good to know :


For calculate the budget workset know the cost of the renovationof your property, de many criteria determinethe quote priceto theriseas in drop :

  • The type of property to be renovated, the total area, its destination (rental investment or personal home), which will determine thebudget envelope to devote

  • The general condition of the accommodation to be renovated, which determines the level of renovation to be undertaken: complete rehabilitation or simple refreshment, total or partial renovation, upgrading to electricity standards or new electrical installation, replacement of closures (doors, windows), modifying or create a bathroom, renovate or rehabilitate the floors, ...

  • The selected supplies and materials : standard range or high end, more expensive…

  • Thermal or sound insulation work to be undertaken. The analysis of the DDT (technical diagnostic document) and the DPE (energy performance diagnosis) can provide a first indication of the cost of insulation work

  • The financial aid you can benefit from :zero interest loan, RGE tax credits,10% VAT, VAT at 5.5%, aid from theADEME

  • L'renovation companychosen and its price policy resultant  its structural and operating costs for the means implemented.

How much does it cost on average to renovate an apartment, what price per m²?


This is the main question that often arises before the establishment of adetailed estimate.

Some explanations :

It is customary to estimate at 1000 euros/m2 about thetotal renovation price  an apartment.

Although it is a realistic average, this amount  may sometimes be far from the reality of your project, both upwards and downwards.

For a simple refresh of the property including the renovation of the floor and wall coverings, de  small electrical work to bring it up to standard, the partial renovation of the bathroom and kitchen, plus some work accessories, it is necessary to provide approximately...

Discover le price of an apartment renovation in Paris.

Price of renovation work on old and Haussmann apartments


Calculate the average price to renovate your home in Paris:

On this page, discover severalexamples of prices per m²ofrenovation of apartment réalisée à Paris par notre entreprise de renovation ainsi que le coût final du devis travaux . 

renovation appartement

Know the real cost of your work

You own or want to invest inan old Haussmann apartment to renovate, a contemporary apartment to rearrange, a studio or a house. Would you like to know  how much will the work cost? What amount  to spend on renovating your property. What will the final price be?

Rénovation appartement prix au m²
renovation clé en main

Thecustomers' opinion  deposited on our site testify to the know-how and competence of our companybuildingin the field of real estate renovation dedicated to housing.

avis clients

For already 15 ans,our company ofrenovation accompanies withhiteach client in the development of his project, thedesign to theachievement to offer aturnkey service.

Prix rénovation appartement

It is customary to estimate globally at 1000 euros/m2  the price of the total renovation  of an apartment.

Although this is a realistic average price, this amount may often be far from reality for your project.

First of all, is it a price excluding taxes or including VAT?

Nos answers to these questions:

For a simple refreshment of the property including the renovation of the floor and wall coverings, de  minor electrical work and bringing it up to standard, the partial renovation of the bathroom and kitchen, plus some accessory works, it is necessary to plan approximately 550 to 750 € HT per square meter, to be weighted according to the surface of the accommodation.


The price for a complete renovation of the property including all the traditional lots (demolition, plastering, tiling, electricity, plumbing, heating, interior and exterior carpentry, painting, etc.) will be in a price range between 800 and 1300 euros excluding taxes  to be weighted according to the surface area of the property to be renovated, the exact nature of the work to be carried out, the technical nature of the project, the accessibility of the site, the ranges of supplies chosen, so many parameters which determine all the costs


For the total renovation of a small area such as a studio, the amount  will naturally be in the upper range of prix, due to the concentration of the whole technical packages in a reduced volume_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d.


Other additional services can significantly increase the budget: creation of made-to-measure layouts, implementation of  expensive technical solutions, top-of-the-range materials, opening of load-bearing walls, creation or recovery of ornaments in staff, insulation opaque walls,...


Therefore, consider a real estate project in a building old Haussmann style on the basis of an average price of 1000 euros/m²_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_for onetotal apartment renovation  can sometimes be a source of disappointment.


To finalize the overall renovation budget, it is therefore essential to draw up exhaustive specifications in order to have precise visibility of all the work to be carried out in order to determine their final costs.


Depending on the age and condition of the accommodation  to be renovated, certain works appearing to be simply worn or damaged may require complete rehabilitation which is more costly than simple restoration.


Example: an old Hungarian Point parquet visibly showing only a few  signs of fatigue and only requiring the replacement of a few parquet strips, occasional readjustment of the joists and vitrification sanding of the assembly_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ may ultimately prove to be unrecoverable because it is too worn and permanently damaged. The price  for the removal and the  complete replacement of the joists and solid parquet will be 5 times more expensive.


Another example: a simple partition to be removed to reorganize the space and volumes of the rooms in the apartment can be tricky in some old dwellings parisiens and will sometimes require a recovery of the load to compensate for the weight previously supported by this partition has become load-bearing over time.


How the price of replacement of an old identical wooden window could go from simple to fivefold, depending on its material (wood, aluminum, PVC), composition_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and the shape of the frame: simple rectangular window with 2 French-style openings in PVC or composite wooden frame with a complex shape such as a lowered hanger or basket handle with fixed parts at each end with typed shutters,  the type of glazing: thermal, sound or acoustic,... condominium fees.


Painting work is often  considered an ancillary item in an overall project. 


It is however a position not to be neglected because these are very often important in the old according to the state and the nature of the walls, imposing sometimes substantial preparatory work, a general covering to arm the coatings as well as several coats of smoothing coatings to rectify the flatness of the walls and obtain a lasting quality result .


From the point of view of the budgetary approach as to the amount of the works, the restoration of a  recent apartment in a contemporary building will sometimes be less expensive.


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