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Price of the  complete renovation of a Haussmann apartment located in Paris.

renovation appartement haussmannien
L'espace cuisine avant travaux
cuisine ouverte sur salon
pose de carrelage crédence
Agencement et pose de cuisine
aménagement de cuisine
Devis rénovation cuisine
Renovation fenetres bois RGE
fenêtres appartement haussmannien
Poseur de fenetres
rénovation plafond moulure
fenetres bois ecologiques
restaurer boiseries haussmanniennes
peinture rénovation haussmannienne
restauration haussmannien
renovation appartement ancien
restauration du couloir
decoration appartement haussmannien
modernisation sanitaires
WC rénovés et carrelés
salle de bain après démolition
pose et agencement : salle de bain
rénovation de salle de bain
remplacement fenetre oscillo-battant
pose baignoire balnéo
decoration interieur haussmannien
pose de carrelage
douche sur mesure
douche de plein pied
restrusturation des pièces
chauffage salle de bain
mise aux normes de l'electricite
renovation électricité appartement
restauration complète haussmannienne

Understanding the price of renovating a Haussmann apartment: Explanations


Price per m² of this apartment renovation: €1130

Before our intervention, everything had to be redone in this accommodation:decorationdilapidated,kitchenandbathroomout of age,electricityneeded a new oneinstallation standard, some volumes had to be rearranged, les vieillesWindowsnot insulated had to be replaced, therenovated parquet, ...

In short, this accommodation  had lost its charm of yesteryear and did not offer the comfort of a contemporary Haussmann apartment.


Once the renovation project has been clearly defined and validated with leOwner, the restoration work was fully implemented  by our company, with the permanent concern of the strict respect of the  specifications and provide the best answers to our customer's expectations.


Some features andHaussmann ornamentshave been kept,restoredand even added in order to reinforce the authenticity and the stamp of thisappartement Haussmannien :


  • Thecornices,rosettes,picture rails,moldings,doorframeset ornamentslines have been preserved and restored, some  have been added to extend an aesthetic line and a decorative line.

  • The old parquetsolid oakPoint of Hungaryhas been sanded and glazed after replacing and wedging  many of  damaged boards and necessary parquet fittings.

  • The height underceilingwas preserved although the decision was made to break the codesHaussmanniansin the upper part of the corridor to make way for a false ceiling with integrated spotlights, in order to obtain  an appropriate luminosity. Despite everything, the Haussmann spirit remains present in this release with sa lumineuse carpetCardinal red which goes perfectly with thewallsdazzling with whiteness.


The kitchen open to the dining room in the extension of the living room offers  a modern and refined style, voluntarily simple and contemporary, choice of the owner premises.


All the old ones French doors andwooden windows Haussmannianof the apartment have been replaced identically by windows_cc781905-bb1558-394bad-in-wooddouble glazingofferer une heat and sound insulationefficient. These new windows with French-style openings, small woods and traditional olive cremones respect the specifications imposed by Haussmann apartments in order to preserve and perpetuate the riches of the Haussmann heritage. The choice of new windows fell on traditional models in exotic wood.


In the old Haussmann apartments, bathrooms are often tinkered with over time. Here, the bathroom has been completely redesigned and therearranged volumesin order to be able to accommodate a standard size washbasin cabinet in a small space,  a spa bath, a fully tiled walk-in shower, a laundry area hidden in a large custom-made cupboard_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_which also accommodates the 200 liter electric water heater.


theheateris electric and fully programmable withvertical radiators  with thermoactive fluids which are perfectly integrated into the whole. Without being real decorative elements, these bring a  discreet touch of modernity which contributes to making this Haussmann apartment more contemporary and above all morecomfortable.

The priorities of thisreal estate renovation Haussmannian : Preserve the charm of the Haussmann style and renovate this old apartment by bringing modernity and comfort.

DESCRIPTION OF HAUSSMANNIANS APARTMENTS : From the origins to the present day

Impossible to walk in the streets of Paris without passing in front of the essentialsHaussmann buildings. Moreover, the latter are today so much a part of our landscapes that we don't even pay attention to them anymore. And yet, far from being banal, Haussmann apartments have aarchitecturewhich deserves attention. Some elements such as ornate cornices, high ceilings or fireplaces are particularly representative of typical Haussmann apartments. 

A little history

Contrary to what one might think, it is not in Paris but in London that theHaussmann stylehas developed over the centuries. It was during a trip to the British capital that Emperor Napoleon III jealously discovered the beauty and modernity of the city. Once back in France, he then launched a vast architectural program to completely transform the city of Paris. The project is entrusted to BaronEugene Haussmann, then Prefect of the Seine.
It is between the years 1852 and 1870, through transport, the vast boulevards, thesanitationand the green parks that the French capital is radically changing in style.

Haussmannian buildings: a complex homogeneity

The Baron then draws aurban planperfectly detailed in which it integrates buildings. These buildings were designed with the aim of integrating meticulously into the axes already defined.
In the end, Baron Eugène Haussmann will never build any building bearing his name. Hisarchitectural rulesparticularly precise and the beauty of the buildings he imagined gave Paris the face of a modern and very homogeneous capital. Its style today bears the name of the Baron who participated in the creation of one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

An elegant and clear stone facade

The facade is what distinguishes one Haussmann building from another in the first place. Always created incut stone, it has the same height as the other buildings from the same block. A rule also indicates that the maximum height of the facade of a Haussmannian building must not be greater than 18 meters for a street whose width is between 10 and 20 meters. This system makes it possible to createbright apartmentsand airy, particularly pleasant to live in everyday. The limit of a Haussmannian building is six floors. Each 2nd and 5th floor has its own balcony called "running", ie without any separation from one apartment to another.
But what distinguishes a Haussmannian building from any other construction is above all in the moldings and cornices that adorn the facade.

The Haussmannian apartment of yesteryear

The apartmentTypical Haussmannianhas a large and bright entrance which was formerly called "antechamber". There generally follows a long tapered corridor serving each room one by one. In the largest Haussmann apartments, there are reception areas, a service room and a small private space, sometimes partitioned off, sometimes open to each other. At the time, the bathroom did not yet exist in the form we know today. The living room is separate but not partitioned and offers a lounge area and a dining area. The kitchen is always separated from the other living rooms of the house. Question floor, the second is the most popular while the top floor is reserved for servants.

Today's Haussmann apartment

Today's Haussmann apartment is above all highly sought after, particularly inParisian region. The quality of its construction, the beauty of its works, the high ceilings and the size of the rooms make it a very popular property. Add to that the presence of balconies for the 2nd and 5th floors as well as superb moldings testifying to the standing of the property and we obtain one of the most popular apartments in the Parisian capital.
Today, the arrival of the elevator has largely changed the situation on the most popular floors of the Haussmann apartment. He has also tended to reverse the value of the apartments according to the floors since, unlike the last century, it is the highest floors that are considered privileged.

The Haussmannian apartment, a decorative question

In terms of decoration, the traditional Haussmann apartment also stands out from the othersarchitectural constructionsby the systematic presence of achimneyin the living room, the dining room and in the bedrooms. Whilekitchensports prettyold floor tileswhich reinforce thetypicalityand the stamp of thedwelling, the other spaces are covered with aold parquetinpoint of hungaryor English offering an inimitable cachet. The ceilings are traditionally decorated with ornate cornices and rosettes. The walls are often decorated with various ornaments and moldings and covered with apaintin beige, white or pastel tones.

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