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rénovation appartement ancien

Renovation of a Haussmann apartment, rehabilitation and rearrangement of housing ancien

Therenovation of Haussmann apartmentsand old housing involves technical constraints different from the construction of new works.

As such, the know-how of the company renovation is decisive  for the restoration of quality housing.

Rehabilitating old apartments requires also_possess a solidexperienceas well as real technical knowledge of real estate to rehabilitate.

Thehousing parisiens,according to  the period of construction of the buildings call upon  specific construction processes for the structural work and  different techniques and materials for the second work.

Renovate and insulate a homeof the 16th or 17th century located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris with wooden structural elements will involve different solutions and costs a  Haussmannian apartment in freestone from the 16th arrondissement, paneled with moldings and cornices.

Apartment renovation: ideas andof thework solutionsto restructure and rearrange your home


You want to rethink space and volumes in an oldparisian accommodation or a traditionalHaussmannian apartmentwith moldings and cornices in order to  redefine a contemporary habitat  without losing the slightest square meter.

You wonder how to organize a new living space in aold apartmentconsisting of a succession of rooms in a row, how to optimize spaces, circulation, storage and favor light : consult us, we surely have some_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_solutions to offer you.

renovation appartement
restructurer appartement
rénovation appartement haussmannien paris
rénover appartements haussmannien

Renovation of apartment all tradeskeys in hand

Specializing in the work ofapartment renovationall tradesParisandIle-de-France, ABATEC RENOVATION offers you its expertise in turnkey home renovation.

Our competence in terms of overall site management associated withsolutions travaux efficientallow us to provide you with the most appropriate answers to renovate your apartment.

We provide complete project management for each of our projects:

-Study and costing of the project

- Organization and gestion du planning travaux

- Intervention with organizations: ENEDIS, GRDF, co-ownership trustees, ...

- Supplier orders, supplies, ...

- Daily monitoring of the site with regular reports

- Delivery of the works carried out down to the smallest finishes.

With its experience and its own teams of skilled workers, ourbuilding company  coordinates all the technical lots to restore and rearrange your apartment:   carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason, tiler, painter, parquet floor worker,...

In order to offer you the most complete offer for renovating anddecorateyour apartment, we have reliable and proven partners for additional work the less common ones or the realization of accessory works to your project renovation (Cabinetmaker, Staffer, Stirrer, Stained glass artist,...). 

rénovation immobilière paris 75
rénovation immobilière

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Control the costs to renovate your home at a fair price

A rigorous organization as well as the optimization of our structural costs allow us to offer yougreat benefitsquality at price competitivefor une apartment renovation successful and sustainable.

Apartment renovations: discover our videos

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