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How to renovate your bathroom?


Gone are the days when the bathroom  was hidden and only used by the inhabitants of the house. Today, it puts on a show, it is considered a piece in its own right that you no longer hesitate to show around. Do you find your bathroom a little outdated, not to say a little old-fashioned, and you want to modernize it? So skip to the bathroom renovation. 

Tips for clearly defining your desires and needs:

Juggling between current trends, the room configuration and the existing one is not always easy. First try to define what is necessary for your comfort. The  bathroom furniture  are very important to keep the room perfectly tidy. However, sanitary facilities are also an essential part of the project. Do you dream of an XXL Italian shower? But do you have enough space? It is also necessary to take into account the location of the windows, the water inlets, this existing with which you must deal unless you embark on major transformation work. The bathroom is a very humid room, you should never lose sight of this specificity. And if you have the slightest doubt, don't panic, a professional will give you advice on how to remedy your mistakes very easily.

Should plans be made?

The best way not to make a mistake is to make plans or sketches beforehand. une small bathroomcannot be fitted as a more spacious family bathroom. But do not worry ! The many pieces of furniture and equipment on the market offer you the possibility of creating a clean, aesthetic space that suits this room, a symbol of freshness and hygiene. You want a children's bathroom, a tailor-made space for your little ones. You have a room that has no real function and you need an additional shower room? Water inlets and drains can easily be connected ? There must be a way to solve your problem. Ask a building professional who will offer you solutions to solve this problem. 


How do I estimate my bathroom budget?

This time it's decided, you're going to say goodbye to your old bathroom. You have already leafed through decorating magazines and you have an idea of the style you want to give it. You spotted sanitary equipment you like, as well as the furniture you need. You have even found the perfect tile. Now you need to evaluate the overall price of all these works. 

The budget to be planned takes into account various criteria such as the price of furniture and des sanitary equipment,  the materials chosen, and of course the cost of labor for installation.  But, have you thought about all the positions?

Here is a useful little summary of our tips and solutions for renovating a bathroom

  1. Floor and wall coverings, the cost of which varies according to the nature of the material and the quality you have chosen;

  2. The implementation of a mechanical ventilation system (VMC) or (VMR)  when it is non-existent and technically feasible

  3. The laying of the floor covering with possible preliminary work of recovery and preparation of the plancher;

  4. The cost of equipment and materials you choose based on their quality and nature;

  5. The price of any work relating to the structural work in the event of an extension. The moving or modification of a door, a window or the opening of a partition entails an additional cost;

  6. Finally, if you have to touch the load-bearing structure, the intervention of a study office and load recovery work increase your budget;

  7. If you can, try to allow a 10 to 15% margin on your budget in case of unforeseen problems or changes in materials.

The ideal solution is to have an estimate drawn up by a company for all trades which will establish a costing_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf585cc4c8_detailed -136bad5cf58d_ for a global service.

Plan the time for completion

Since the bathroom is a room used on a daily basis, you need  to organize your work as well as possible so that it causes as little inconvenience as possible. Installing a bathroom  requires time, count between two and four weeks, depending on the work required. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to pay attention to these points:  

  • If your new bathroom installation includes major plumbing work, expect a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks.

  • The company you call sets the deadlines as accurately as possible. However, it is wise to add a few days, because imponderables outside his control can occur.

  • Without significant plumbing work or for minimal interventions, the renovation work can be carried out in 2 weeks, once the materials have been supplied on the site.

  • If you only change the decoration of the room and its coating, the realization takes about a week. The duration of the work differs depending on the area and the  techniques to be implemented.  Tiling takes longer to lay than soft flooring.

Choose the different decorative bathroom elements:

1. The different options for covering your floors

La bathroom renovation  necessarily involves the choice of flooring and it is an element that sets the tone for this piece of water. Previously, the choice was quite limited and tiling was essential everywhere. The materials having evolved a lot, today, you benefit from a wider choice. The bathroom is a humid room whose floor is often subject to splashing water. It must therefore be perfectly resistant and special attention must be paid to the proper implementation of a water protection system under the tiles and  to the joints which guarantee watertightness._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

There are different types of flooring suitable today: parquet, concrete, flexible PVC floors... So many possibilities that depend on the decorative style you want. Unlike other coins, le flooring  is not sensitive to wear, but well to splashes. It is essential that it is perfectly waterproof. 

If you like the warmth of parquet, opt for exotic woods which are generally present on the decks of boats because of their quality: rot-proof and perfectly resistant to water, they are perfectly suited to this piece of water. The floor will then be fully glued. 

You can also choose laminate, remembering to prepare the support with a waterproof vinyl resin. Porcelain stoneware is also very trendy in today's bathrooms. It responds to aesthetic concerns and moreover, it is very easy to maintain. Be careful though: opt for non-slip, wet floors and bare feet are a source of falling. 

It is also possible to select a beautiful PVC imitation wood, metal or tiling and even a concrete, more technical in the installation or a seagrass, for the nature option. 

2. What about your walls?

On the walls, the choice is also quite extensive. The tiling is obviously required on the part bath or shower  and the wall at least up to 3/4 of its height. Then, if your room does not have a window and is not ventilated enough, it is better to put tiles up to the top. The choice is very wide and you can easily find the one that will harmonize best with your decorative touch and the constraints of the room: its brightness in particular according to its orientation to choose the shades. You can play with different tiles that blend perfectly with each other and even opt for a decorative frieze that gives rhythm to your space. The professional knows perfectly how to fulfill all your requests and can advise you. 

3.Need advice on choosing the sanitary equipment?

This is probably the part you think of first, however faced with the vast choice offered, it is not always easy to find your way around. First think about your habits: you have children, a bathtub is very practical. If the size of your bathroom allows, you can add a walk-in shower or shower cubicle. Also think about the double sink, it's very useful when there are two of you getting ready at the same time. 

Do you know ? The bidet is back in fashion so if you feel like it, don't hesitate. It's all a matter of taste, utility, but also budget. Corner bath, classic bath, whirlpool or not, bathtub on legs   to be positioned away from the wall, it's up to you to decide which one seems best to you. If you have any doubt about the possibilities of realization, your company de bathroom renovation  will help you. She is at your side to advise you and bring you her experience and know-how. 

4. Bathroom: what furniture to choose?

Once again, you are spoiled for choice. Bathroom furniture offers a very wide range that meets the main storage criteria for this room. A bathroom is a haven of rest after or before a busy day. It must be perfectly tidy to be pleasant to live in. Column cabinet, vanity unit, small low cabinet, shelf... To simplify your life, you have to choose them according to what you want to store in them, but also according to the configuration of the room. Finishes, colors, interior fittings, it's up to you to determine which options appeal to you the most. A word of advice: always think about storing the many small accessories that you like to have on hand. 

5. The latest finishes and the decorative touch


Lighting is very important in a bathroom. It allows you to put on make-up or shave in good conditions. Electricity is a point that is all the more important as safety standards must be respected. Again, ask your home improvement professional for advice. Next, examine your room, does it have a window allowing sufficient light or is it a blind room? Where do you particularly need light points? A well-lit bathroom seems larger and is much more pleasant to live in on a daily basis. 

Many products are at your disposal to take advantage of your renovation to change this aspect; 

  • Spotlights recessed into the ceiling: they light up the room as a whole and in particular the darkest corners.

  • Track spotlights: they have the advantage of being able to be placed on furniture if necessary.

  • Wall lights: they offer the possibility of multiplying the light points at your convenience and of being able to play with the atmosphere of your room according to your needs.

  • The skylight: allows natural light to penetrate, if it is feasible, it is an ideal solution.

  • The illusion by the multiplication of mirrors reflecting the light. It is a solution that also makes it possible to enlarge a bathroom that is a bit small.

The finishes that make all the difference

Many accessories ensure the functionality of your bathroom. But they can also make a difference from an aesthetic point of view. Play on originality, give character to this room by choosing them carefully. It's a way to finish this piece and put your personal stamp on it. Of course, these must also be very practical and correspond perfectly to your needs. 

A heated towel rail is aesthetic today, but it is also very pleasant in winter. Wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel is a very pleasant little extra. Also think about storage: laundry basket, toothglasses, toothbrush holders, hooks, towel bars, a shelf or a support to have your shower or bath products close at hand, so many details that make the difference. To choose in harmony with your decoration or on the contrary by playing on the contrast. 

What to remember: To be sure to carry out your renovations  in this room, think ahead to the project. Determine your priorities, your layout, the type of sanitary equipment desired, your budget and the period when you will have the least difficulty living in the works. Quickly contact aspecialized companyto get a quote. This will also be an opportunity to ask for some advice. Do not skip the steps and if you really do not have time to devote this the study, let the company present you with the best project in relation to your request and your needs._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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